Cancelled: Blessed Cecilia Concert on 28th March

After careful consideration and consultation, we have taken the very difficult decision to cancel the forthcoming concert on Saturday 28th March.

We know this is a very disappointing outcome, especially given the tremendous progress we have been making, but we really feel we have no choice at this stage. Several members have already let us know that they feel unable to attend rehearsals for the foreseeable future and in these circumstances the concert would be unviable. Many other events are being cancelled locally and nationally and we feel this is the responsible course of action to reduce costs when our income will not include our ticket and other concert income.

We plan to have the church open this Tuesday evening if anyone would like to come to return their Britten scores, and we will have tea and biscuits for anyone who would like to stay and chat.  If you are unable to come, please do not worry, we will work out another way to  get your scores.  If anyone has already bought tickets for this concert, please bring them with you and Gill will be able issue refunds (again, if you are unable to come, please let us know what ticket number(s) you have and we will contact you directly about ticket refunds)

Given that the outbreak is predicted to peak in 10-14 weeks, we have also decided to cancel next term’s rehearsal and concert. Again, we did not take this decision lightly but we think it is likely that the rehearsals and concert will not be able to take place and by anticipating this we can look after the funds of the charity properly.

We will therefore plan to resume again in September when we hope that we will all be back to normal.